Original Design Manufacturing

Original Design Manufacturing
Are you planning to modify an existing product?
Are you interested in initial circuit design?
Are you looking to minimize development and production costs?

The DNE group provides a comprehensive range of manufacturing solutions predicated on client design specifications—in other words, your objectives and requirements. DNE offers a full suite of services from initial design and prototyping through to production at scale. If you want to turn your product idea into reality, if you want to modify and enhance an existing product, if you want to find ways to cut costs—DNE can help. Contact us to find out how.

Advantage1 of ODM at DNE

Product development

About product development

With considerable experience and expertise in substrate mounting, DNE is ideally positioned to create optimized circuit designs that reduce development and production costs. We will work closely with you to identify your objectives and expectations, then prepare a basic design that harnesses our extensive development expertise. With clients increasingly demanding shorter development lead times, the key is understanding client requirements and creating a circuit design that meets their objectives.

Scope of services

Scope of services

DNE offers the following services.

  • Proposals and draft specifications
  • Environment studies
  • Circuit/substrate/mechanical designs

DNE offers a comprehensive range of product development services predicated on optimization of assembly processes. These include software design, functional testing, product testing and evaluation, standards and accreditations, and analysis of cost-cutting strategies for existing products.

Scope of services

Advantage2 of ODM at DNE


DNE offers a comprehensive suite of solutions, from initial design to final product assembly and packaging, with the flexibility to accommodate specific requirements such as smaller production runs and shorter lead times. Procurement services for production materials are also available. DNE boasts a network of facilities throughout Japan and around the world.

Designing and developing a power supply unit with a view to subsequent production and assembly provides significant cost benefits. DNE provides the full range of services, including substrate development, prototyping and production as well as assembly of substrates and power supply units.

Total support

Joint development projects

DNE often partners directly with clients on joint development projects for power supply units, typically in cases where product specifications have yet to be finalized. We work together with the client, who could be a university, research institution or the R&D department of a major corporation, right from the initial stage of setting up the product specifications.

Past projects

Power supply unit for ultra-compact satellite

DNE is part of a joint development project with Teikyo University to provide a power supply for the TeikyoSat-4 ultra-compact satellite, including a BMS charging circuit and full redundancy to ensure reliable operation in the space environment.

Joint development projects

Generating cost estimates for electronic substrate design and development

Information required for cost estimate

The following details will help us to generate a fast and accurate estimate of costs.
Please provide as much information as possible.

Design requirements, including general electrical performance specifications, operating environment conditions, mounting dimensions and special requirements (where applicable)
Monthly or annual production requirements (number of units), expected length of production run (in years)
Production location or destination for delivery (so DNE can identify the optimum production location)
Your production schedule (for DNE scheduling purposes)
Relevant safety standards, including those yet to be obtained and details of how they will be obtained

Preliminary planning

Preliminary planning gets underway following confirmation of an order. This comprises of process design, production scheduling and other planning elements that draw on our extensive experience in substrate development and assembly. During a series of in-depth discussions with the client, DNE puts forward proposals designed to deliver maximum cost-benefit to the client. Immediately following the discussions, DNE presents the client with a full production schedule from the design stage through to the manufacturing stage. Then, following design and reliability evaluations, DNE provides deliverables in the form of delivery specifications and the reliability evaluation report.


At the pre-production stage, a dedicated team drawn from multiple DNE facilities audits processes from manufacturing through to shipping and provides briefings on process scheduling and coordination.
Note: For specific requests in relation to production facilities, consult your sales representative.
DNE also provides substrate artwork design and mechanical design services, provided that the client commits to manufacturing at DNE. In this way, DNE offers the full range of product development services from electronic substrates through to finished products.


  • Note that initial development costs will apply. These typically cover early design work and fabrication of production tools and jigs, and are detailed on the estimate of costs provided to the client.
  • Note also that DNE reserves the right to refuse a project where we are unable to comply with client demands or terms of trade.

From ODM cost estimate through to final delivery

The process from initial cost estimation through to final delivery is outlined below.