Message from Management

Message from Management

Manufacturing is at the core of the DNE group

DNE products and services are designed around the needs and requirements of the client.
We put the client first in everything we do.
Our manufacturing philosophy is predicated on meeting and exceeding client expectations.
The driving force behind DNE is the skills and capabilities of our workforce.
Manufacturing is at the core of the DNE group.
At DNE, we are proud of our enthusiastic, dedicated and highly skilled workforce. In today’s ever-changing economic environment, and with technology constantly evolving, it is important to have the flexibility and capacity to adapt quickly to client demands.
At DNE, we have invested considerable resources into developing a highly agile organizational structure backed by production systems designed to accommodate a range of demands. While automation is an increasingly common feature of the EMS sector, installing the latest equipment and machinery is not enough to guarantee success in this industry; the key is identifying and retaining talented individuals.
Bringing talented people together is the first step. Genuine progress happens when talented people work together with a sense of shared purpose.
DNE is committed to supplying quality products crafted by skilled and dedicated technicians, with our own unique style of EMS operation that sets us apart from other EMS manufacturers.

Yukio Yamaguchi

Committed to ongoing growth in corporate quality and sustainability

Founded in 1979, Di-Nikko Engineering (DNE) is a leading supplier of electronic substrates, with a strong commitment to establishing ourselves as a next-generation technology provider. Looking back over the history of our company, I am immensely proud of the indomitable spirit we have shown in working together to overcome many unexpected hurdles along the way, with an unwavering commitment to continue serving our loyal clients as the first and most important priority.

The fact that so many of our clients have stayed with us in the face of extremely trying economic conditions is in my opinion testimony to our superior technical standards in the areas of production and management, as well as the dedication and enthusiasm we exhibit in all that we do.

The DNE group sees the current difficult economic climate as an opportunity to pursue further growth and evolution and to reaffirm the DNE spirit that has served us so well over the years. We will accelerate our efforts to push forward with management reforms with the focus on “quality growth” as the basis of sustainable operations in line with changing social structures and the emergence of a new order.

DNE will continue working to enhance our accumulated expertise in manufacturing while carrying on the ideas and philosophies outlined by the previous president. In line with the company philosophy of contributing to society through innovative ideas and technologies as a trusted and respected corporate group serving all stakeholders, we are committed to embracing new technology and creating products and services predicated on sustainable social models, while at the same time maintaining our traditional role as an OEM manufacturer. We look forward to enjoying further growth and prosperity while sharing the fruits of our success with our stakeholders.

Takuya Yamaguchi