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Value the moment

We will meet the demands of the customers with our policy.

Since we started as a manufacturer of the electronic parts implementation in 1979, we, DNE have enlarged the field of business in accordance with any demands of the customers, changing on the turbulent times.
In such situations, we established four core businesses to support the present DNE.
By letting each core business unit together as a line but not a point, we response to every needs of the customers and always provide cutting edge products and services with them.

EMS business / electronic equipment production

EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Service) is that to design, test, manufacture, distribute, and provide return/repair services for electronic components and assemblies for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), in another words, a part of the production of set maker or business which undertakes any production by customer's order.
It is also our responsibility to procure the arrangement of the necessary materials.
One of DNE group's special features is to provide by one stop for material procurement, a process ranging from design to production of the circuit implementation of an electronic board used for an electronics product, an OA apparatus, optical goods, communications equipment.
And we have done these and hold know-how for that.
In addition, we are good at the super high efficiency optical goods assembling that cannot be imitated from other companies.

ODM business / circuit board design, trial manufacture business

ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) business is that to undertake a development of trial manufacture, a mass production of trial manufacture by customer order, which includes the design of a circuit board used for various kind of electronic equipments.
We put an emphasis on the development of power supply-related unit, which cannot be missed to electronic equipment in particular and we have ever made a large number of achivements for that.
In addition, for customers considering of any production in China, on behalf of them, we carry it out at our China factory from a trial manufacturing stage.

Official development assistance business / production supporting facilities,
development and sales business of the tester

We make use of the production engineering know-how cultivated for many years and we develop and design production auxiliary equipment, product tool, tester for the purpose of production improving the efficiency and the quality stability and washing device etc. (Original Design Equipments) to sell out.
What we offer to sell are only effective tools, facilities with our confidence.
Also we deal with the improvement of joint development product with the collaboration with the outside suppliers..

TOP business / material substitution purchasing businesses

We support the customers who instruct us to purcahse the materials, the most suitable quality along with the demand from them.
This is one of our businesses consdiering the right quantity, the most suitable cost to support the material procurement of the customer through procurement network including the materials vendor of 600 companies in Asian countries, even in Korea and Taiwan.

Please refer to the substitute purchase of the urgent parts that your company has a problem.

Other business