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Company name Di-Nikko Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Street address 697-1 Nemuro Nikko-city Tochigi Japan
Contact TEL:(81)288-26-3930
Chairman/CEO Yukio Yamaguchi
President/COO Takuya Yamaguchi
Established 17/9/1979
Capital 859,351,000 JPY(12/2019)
Employees 229(12/2019)
corporate group 1,286(12/2019)
Business contents
  • Design and fabrication, analysis repair service business of electronic equipment and optical goods
  • Dispatch of an engineer, worker and sub-contraction of production, inspection service
  • Development, design and fabrication service of the custom power supply unit
  • Each education, consultant business office appliance about the design and fabrication, sale business electronic equipment assembling of various electronic boards and precision electronic equipment or other sale, maintenance business


1979/09 Founded"Yamaguchi Denso" at Yoshizawa, Imaichi-shi, Tochigi.
1981/12 Founded the "Senoo" factory at Senoo, Imaichi-shi, Tochigi.
1983/08 The company name changed to Daisho Pretec.
The head office moved to the Senoo factory.
1985/02 With business expansion, established a new company, Pretec Du.Co., Ltd.
1985/11 The "Nemuro" factory founded at Nemuro, Imaichi-shi, Tochigi.
1987/07 The office appliance sales division founded and started sales duties.
1988/10 Transferred a part of the duties to Pretec Du.Co., Ltd.
1989/08 With business expansion, the "Nemuro" factory expanded.
1991/10 SMT section became independent as Pretec Robotec Service Co., Ltd.
1993/04 Trois Engineering Pretec, Co., Ltd. founded
1994/03 Trois Engineering Pretec Hong Kong Ltd founded in Hong Kong.
1995/08 Transfer a part of the duties to Di-Nikko Engineering Co., Ltd.
1999/04 After merged three domestic companies to improve the management
efficiency, the reinforcement and the expansion of the business, changed
the company name to Di-Nikko Engineering Co., Ltd.
2000/05 Founded Fukunaga factory ZONE13.
2000/07 Founded Taiwan branch of Trois Engineering Pretec Hong Kong, Ltd.
2001/06 Founded IPO & logistic center in Shatin, Hong Kong.
2001/09 With business expansion in Guang dong, China, founded New Trois
Electronics Ltd.(Fuyong factory ZONE4)
2004/03 With business expansion in Jiangsu, China, founded Trois Electronics (Wuxi) Ltd.
2005/03 For the improvement of factory efficiency in Fukunaga factory ZONE13 in China, ZONE 13 closed to ZONE4.
2005/04 Founded "Masters Training College" for the purpose of engineer upbringing in Nemuro factory.
2005/12 Founded Bonn Acheson Co., Ltd. for temporary employees placement.
2006/04 Moved the head office of Trois Engineering Pretec Hong Kong Ltd. to Shatin IPO & logistic center.
2006/12 With business expansion, started consignment production at Hong Kong basd EMS company in Shenzhen, China.
2007/03 Initial public offering and listed JASDAQ Stock Market.(6635)
2008/05 With business expansion, founded the second factory at Wuxi, China.
2008/08 Founded Tokyo Office as a base of electric power supply unit development.
2011/11 Founded "Todoroku" factory in Nikko, Tochigi.
2012/01 For rationalization, moved Tokyo Office to Kamata in Tokyo.