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Regarding "development of electric power supply business"

ODM business imageWe develop the original electric power supply device, which we have planned to design in addition to major productions.
We match our electric power supply device with the specifications of customer based on the know-how of a design and development from quality-related experience, material procurement, price and production capacity cultivated in the long career.
EMS business is the field that wecan have expectation for a new challenge to the automotive industry that will convert electronic in the future.
We maximize the know-how that we have developed in OA relations, industrial instrument relations, electric power supply device and other fields and will meet your any demand..

ODM order (custom-base electric power supply order)

sample1Based on the electric power supply demand specifications of the customer, we undertake to work from design to production.
The flow of the schematic duties for the request of the work is as follows.


We make a quotation for the customer's request. Please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

2jThe piled information necessary for quotation

We enquire the customer to present the following documents to make a correct quotation.

  1. Design demanding specifications
    ( electric performance specifications that are an outline, environmental condition, implementation dimensions, special matter .)
  2. Expected number for production
    ( output and continuation of years information in month or year )
  3. Production space or delivery place
    ( this is because it assumes our production space )
  4. Mass-production information
    ( this is because it suggests a plan enough for the mass production of the plan product of your company.)
  5. Safe standard information
    ( safe standard acquirement, technique planned ... of the safe standard acquisition )

3jProduction pllan after placing orders

  1. We have a meeting with the customer for further details.
  2. In addition, proposal of cost merit for your company will be offered.
  3. After a detailed meeting, we will show the schedule starting from design to mass production immediately.
  4. After works, specifications and reliabie evaluation result will be presented.

4jShift to mass production

  1. The following-up for the manufacturing process will be kindly made an explanation by our staffs.
    ¦ If there's anything to inquire, please feel free to contact our staffs..

General-purpose development of electric power supply, joint development

Example 1
We examine a general-purpose electric power supply in a demand and information from your company.
Development cost to perform the design-production is shared each other and the brand name by the sale exists mutually.

Example 2
We put forward the development that put the sample-like commodification such as new development semiconductors of your company and a general-purpose product in the field of vision.
Development cost to perform the design-production of electric power supply parts is shared each other and and the brand name by the sale exist mutually.

These are negotiable matter among those who may be concerned.

Research and development

In case the research and development are jointly needed, your proposal will be welcomed to be informed.
Please feel free to contanct us.

Print circuit board design, mechanism design

On the condition that manufacturing product are committed with us, we will be involved in work designing alike together.
In addition to electric supply device, even in electric parts implementation, the mechanism can be possible.


  1. For design and production tools, the development cost (initial costs) is sure to be caused by all means.
  2. Please confirm it by the contents of quotation sheet showing from us for details.
  3. Depending on the contents of requests, in case we cannot make a business with you, your generous response would be appreciated..