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Environmental Policy

environmental philosophy

We are aiming at healthier degree of ecosystem, nature and the sphere of people's life through our operation of electronic equipment, the optical goods production considering some harmony with people and the nature.

environmental policy
  1. We observe the applicable laws and regulations in conjunction with the environment and other requirements to the management of the product component and chemical substance and act for the prevention of the pollution and plan continuous improvement of the environmental conservation activity.
  2. We carry out an environmental education for employees to increase them their consciousness for the improvement of environmental protection and work on environmental conservation activity in all the members.
  3. We set an environmental purpose and an goal and perform a review regularly as needed.
  4. We manage thoroughly the wastes generating from operation and perform thorough its management, we reuse, recycle what can be useful to reduce the waste as much as possible. In addition, we promote resource saving and energy-saving production.
  5. We make well known the environmental policy to the employees and publicize to announces it to the outside a company.
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Yukio Yamaguchi